Drywood Termite

Drywood Termite

Drywood Termites Identification, Control & Management Services

Drywood termites live in colonies that consist of soldiers, kings, and queens. Termites can cause serious damage if the problem is not identified and eradicated. Our pest control company provides residential termite treatment and commercial termite control services in North Reading, MA; Reading, MA; Revere, MA; Saugus, MA, and surrounding areas.

Drywood Termite Behavior

Soldiers are about 3/8-inch long and in their reproductive stage, grow to about ½ inch in length. They develop four wings that are longer than the body of the termite in the winged stage. The kings and queens are pale brown and they are responsible for reproduction. The soldiers are pale with large brown heads and no wings. Their job is to guard the colony from ant invasions. Nymphs are immature termites.
Unlike subterranean termites, this type does not need contact with soil and is generally found in wood framing in attics. Each pair of winged reproductive flies to a new area to establish a colony in dry wood. They can enter through very small holes and quickly establish colonies, which can grow to include up to 2,500 termites. Effective termite preventive measures and treatment are essential to prevent damage and eliminate an infestation. We provide drywood termite identification and drywood termites treatment.
If you are looking for pest control companies in North Reading, MA; Reading, MA; Revere, MA, or Saugus, MA, Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services LLC offers quality service that is tailored to your specific needs. Please browse our website to read more about our pest control services and contact us, at 978-683-4333, for reliable drywood termite control service at your home or business.
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