Face Fly

Face Fly

Face Flies

Size: Medium-sized flies about 1/4-inch in length.
Color: Dark gray; four stripes are present on top of the thorax in front of the wings. Looks identical to a house fly.

How Face Flies Behave

This fly is very closely related to the house fly and, in fact, an entomologist is needed to distinguish between the two species. If “house flies” are suddenly appearing inside a building during the fall, winter, or spring, then face flies are likely involved. The face flies status as a pest is similar to that of the cluster fly. These flies have discovered that heated buildings are ideal for surviving the cold of winter, and the face fly is one such species. 

As the weather cools in late summer and early fall, the sun warms the southern and western walls of buildings. The warmth attracts these insects to buildings where they crawl inside cracks and stay there for the winter. This would be fine, but during warm winter days, some flies “wake up” and end up on the inside of the building.
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