Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

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Alamo Pest Control Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services LLC including fruit fly control services. Our pest company provides fruit fly removal services in North Reading, Reading, Revere and Saugus, MA.

Fruit Fly Appearance

Fruit flies are very small, usually 1/8” or less in length. They are tan in color with red eyes and wings that fold flat over their small bodies.

Fruit Fly Behavior

A fruit fly infestation may occur in homes and commercial facilities that serve food. The flies, which are also called pomace flies or vinegar flies, often arrive on fruits and vegetables. Fruit fly larvae feed on yeasts in decaying fruits, vegetables, and organic matter. Since they thrive in unsanitary conditions, they are a health concern in facilities that serve food and in hospitals.
Fruit flies will breed on any moist or freshly decaying organic matter, often fruits and vegetables. The adult flies emerge from the fruit and seek out other possible breeding sites. They can be found breeding in trash containers, coolers, garbage disposals, dumpsters, and any other place where freshly decaying organic material is found.
Fruit fly treatment can be challenging, as they only need a very small amount of organic matter to breed and these can be overlooked. In order to control fruit flies, proper cleaning practices are essential and all areas must be inspected to eliminate all possible breeding sites. Once this has been done, the presence of the pests will diminish over a few days.
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