House Mouse

House Mouse

House Mouse Prevention

House mouse identification is relatively easy: mice are small, usually less than two inches long, an ounce in weight and they are grey or a darker color. Alamo Pest Control provides a full range of residential pest control services and commercial pest control services, including house mouse-removal services in North Reading, Reading, Revere, and Saugus, MA. Contact Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services LLC for service!

When Mice Enter Your Home

Mice and other rodents generally remain outdoors, but the scarcity of food in the colder weather often drives them indoors in search of a new source of food. There are several ways mice gain access to homes, including through holes around soffit vents, cables, gable vent screens, roof vents, and even under garage doors. Finding and blocking the areas of access is an important step in house mouse prevention.

The house mouse can be found in all areas of the country in rural, urban, and suburban settings. Mice are more common than rats due to their small size and ability to squeeze in through very small cracks and holes as small as a pencil’s width. In addition to being found inside homes, they often nest in stacked firewood, leaf piles, bricks and stone. Our pest control company provides house mouse-management services to help eliminate and prevent mice from returning.

How to Prevent Mice from Invading

The most effective house mouse control method is to prevent an invasion of mice. This can be done by sealing the holes and cracks around the exterior of your home that allow them to gain access, and by getting rid of piles of leaves, wood and other debris where mice can nest.

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