Norway and Pack Rats

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Rats are among the most disturbing pests for homeowners to find, and their presence can signal disaster for a business. While these pests can invade your home at any time of the year, they are most common in the cold winter months. They are known for causing a significant amount of damage very quickly, so fast action is needed when you suspect rats. We provide residential and commercial pest control, including rat control in North Reading, Reading, Revere and Saugus, MA, and surrounding areas. Contact Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services LLC for service!

Characteristics of Rats

Rats have a larger body than other rodents and a long tail; they will eat almost anything and are typically found in kitchen pantries and cabinets. Signs of rats may include rat droppings on shelves and drawers and scurrying noises, which are most commonly heard at night. Rats quickly begin to reproduce and have large litters, so the problem can quickly get out of control.

Preventing Infestation

Proper sanitation and blocking possible access points are the best ways to prevent rat infestations. Garbage should be placed in bags and the bags in containers with lids. Pay attention to areas where rats may enter your home or business and fix and seal them off. Also don’t just focus your rat prevention efforts on the ground level because rats can climb: trim tree branches away from the exterior of your home to discourage them from entering through the attic or chimney.

Eliminating the Problem

Despite what you may see in cartoons and on television, cats are not the best rat infestation solution. Rat traps can be effective for trapping them, but may pose a risk to small children and pets, this is why you need a professional rat exterminator to handle the job safely and effectively. We have qualified and experienced technicians with the training and equipment required to locate the source of the trouble, eliminate rats, and prevent them from coming back. If you are searching for rat control companies, call Alamo for a free quote for rat removal service.
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