Rodent Control

Rodent Control

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Placing traps isn't enough to control pests. While you may only see one rat, there is usually an infestation. Don't take on an entire colony of rodents on your own. Bites and scratches can spread diseases. Contact Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC.  for help!
While poisoning rodents is a possibility, it might cause them to die in your walls and the germs and diseases can spread. These rodent control products can be harmful to your health as well. Professional traps, chemicals, and techniques are the only way to ensure your home and family are safe.
Seasonal checkups are important to making sure your home is free from pests. Winter means rodents come inside for warmth. Trust us to effectively remove rodents permanently during these seasons.
We can prevent rats and other rodents from coming into your home. Closing up holes and cracks is one of the best prevention techniques. We will assess your home to figure out where the rodents may be entering from.
Look for food particles, odors, or sounds at night to know if you have an infestation. Call us immediately instead of using over-the-counter products. We can handle any problem you may have!

Take a Look at Common Rodents:

Do You Have a Rat Infestation?
Rats are some of the worst rodents to discover are living in your home. Rats are a problem any time of the year for area homes. However, the winter months prove to show an increase in rat infestations. We encourage homeowners to learn more about how to prepare their home against rats and to keep infestations under control!
If you've recently discovered a mice infestation, Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC. can help you feel less lost about what to do. We'll look to see how many are living in your home and where they are coming from. Don't resort to the store-bought traps. Let our professionals control the mice!
Voles are also known as field mice. They can be found in every state, but because of their size, they can damage lawns and gardens. They have up to 10 litters a year! When you find evidence of voles on your property, it's important to get rid of them quickly. As many as 500 voles have been found in one infestation!
Trust our locally owned and operated pest control company to take care of all your pest needs!

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We will do anything it takes to make it right. If you have problems with pests after your service, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation.
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